Vardagsporslin is play with words that translates to either everyday life porcelain or porcelain tableware for everyday use. It is a collection of works from 2017 and 2018 were traditional techniques are used to tell the story of a very normal life. Presented as a solo show at the Porcelain Museum of Porsgrunn in the autumn of 2018.

Longing for Rejection

The project Longing for Rejection is a material based investigation on how women have been portrayed through art history from a feminist perspective and the superficial expectations we have of ourselves in a contemporary society. The issue is address through a large scale classic Rococo figurine placed in a contemporary context. The scene shows a female portrait in an unadorned situation from everyday life.

The portrait is a counter-reaction to the constantly high superficial expectations we have from society. Usually only women in their most beautiful form are allowed to be represented in the public space. The moment portrayed is a normal day at home; a very recognizable scene to most people and an honest picture of life. Although this is a situation that is a big part of many people's lives, we rarely show an  image of ourselves like this; unadorned and private, to the outside world. The expectations from society are that we should always be alert, fresh, happy and live in a clean and nice home, even though life rarely looks like that.


Self-portraits made in porcelain mosaic, which takes their inspiration from the quick, modern selfie. A new way to portrait yourself were your in full control of the way you will be presented to the world.

Hemma hos mig om jag hade varit någon annan

(At my house if i had been someone else)